An unusual adventure sport, canyoning is about coming down a watery canyon by either abseiling, jumping or sliding through breathtaking steep canyon walls and waterfalls into deep pools of water below. Explore hidden canyons in the Himalayas for the ultimate wet and wild canyoning experience!

One of Nepal’s hidden gems are the refreshing waterfalls, formed among the deep gorges , which are perfect hidden havens for hardcore thrill seekers. Canyoning in these deep gorges has become an alternative for thrill seekers who've done it all. Discover new routes, which provide the perfect mind- body experiences, you can abseil down the cool water flowing down from the mountains into fresh water pools which are like natural swimming pools. 

Canyoning in Nepal has been recommended by The Lonely Planet and ranges from exploratory walks to extreme activities. Enjoy the simple Rock and Slide activity at Jalbire Canyon located at Chitwan National Park. It is a beginner level activity and is enjoyed by older people to young kids. It gives you the same experience as a Natural Water theme park. Or try the thrill of jumping off a 12 meter high cliff into the cool fresh tropical pool of water at Charaundi Canyon located along the white sandy banks of the Trisuli river.

How to Prepare for your Canyoning and Climb Trip


- Wear flexible but fitting clothes (loose t-shirts, jackets can get caught in ropes and carabiners)

- Wear sports shoes/hiking boots for the walk to  the canyon.

What you need:

- Sunblock

- Sunglasses

- Change of clothes

- Closed-toe shoes (sports shoes, canyoning shoes, or Keens)

- Money for snacks, extras